Lori Ann Lloyd "Velociti"

In the arena of extreme obstacle course racing, Lori Ann Lloyd is the “Undefeated World Champion” and “World Record Holder” by 6 seconds. Having competed in numerous competitions, Lori has dominated both sexes and has never been defeated by any other athlete. At the LifeQuest Triple Crown race in Charleston, South Carolina, she outran the Charleston SWAT team and a top male tri-athlete by four seconds during a demo run at age 37. The LifeQuest Triple Crown is an obstacle course race televised on ESPN and Fox Sports that includes a 10 foot wall, a tire grid, inclined monkey bars, 15 foot cargo nets, long-jump pits, hurdles, and more.

Lori Ann Lloyd "Velociti" has been dubbed:

“The Queen of the obstacle course” by Robert Kennedy, President and CEO of Oxygen Magazine.

“The Michael Jordan of the obstacle course” by talent scout and photographer, Reg Bradford

“The best obstacle course runner on the continent” by Pam Cottrell, Editor in Chief Oxygen Magazine.

Lori has won many titles and awards such as “The best athlete in the fitness industry” and “Ms. Lifetime Fitness”. She has received the Lifetime Achievement Award for living fitness as a lifestyle.

Lori currently owns and operates her own Obstacle Course in Florida which has been relocated to the JCC of Orlando. Since 1996 she has been coaching novice and athletes in the sport creating the fastest and most daring techniques while training over 1500 fellow thrill seekers at her academy in Orlando. With incredible body awareness and communication skills, she has brought some of the most uncoordinated students to the top 10 in world status.

Specializing in basketball, volleyball, track and obstacle course, Lori not only conditions her students to be stronger athletes, she actually teaches them techniques and moves to make them better players. She's received several MVPs in these sports and was gifted with the ability to explain and demonstrate in a way that her students can understand and imitate. With over 10 years of experience coaching children and teens for sports she has developed a nutritional manual that is easy to understand and apply called “Feed for Speed.” Lori's services are in high demand by the fitness industry's finest and up-and-coming athletes due to her record of producing champions. She is also called upon from various SWAT TEAMS in training for the annual SWAT Round-up Competitions. The JCC is proud to add Lori Ann Lloyd as one of the JCC Personal Trainers. A highly versatile trainer holding numerous national certifications (ISSA) she is able to motivate and guide clients of all ages and abilities. Turning coach potatoes into winners!

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